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  • Develops thinking speed
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances creativity


The colorful game, "QSort", will help to accelerate your thinking, improve voluntary attention and, with regular exercises, will help to focus better on tasks. Many psychologists use the "working state of mind" term, which defines the maximum concentration in the facility or process, enabling efficient performing of a variety of tasks. "QSort" includes the process of recognition of the image, the colors, the formation of inference and response.

How It Works

What could be simpler? Figures appear on the screen with a particular image on a background of different colors, this shall not cause problem. In psychology, there are two types of attention: involuntary and voluntary. The exciting "QSort" game will use all these types of attention and will provide reaction of subconscious and logic centers of the brain.

What It Gives

Regular training with "QSort", in complex with other exercises, allows increase in the productivity level, speeding up your interaction with the outside world and making optimal decisions quickly. Just as physical training leads to the development of muscles and skills, our brain requires a constant activity, work on the analysis of huge amounts of information. In everyday life, we often focus on specialized tasks, and this leads to a drop in internal and external attention. Our service will not only help to keep your intellect in good shape, but also to develop the cognitive functions of the brain.


A player sees a figure on a background of different color. The task is simple -  to find a complete identical to image, or its opposite, from the options, as soon as possible. a Wrong answer will result in loss of one of the three game lives. Several courses of correct answers and high scores earned lead to an increase in the complexity of the game. The trainer runs until the end of playing time or game lives. Answers can be given by the mouse and the keys on the keyboard.

How We Developed It

Because attention is expressed only in the activity, the brain fitness service has created a convenient and intuitive platform for users from different age groups. Each of you will be able to train after work, during a break or after school, evaluate and develop the capabilities of your own intelligence, without leaving your home, or from anywhere with an Internet connection. Gaming form of interaction, colorful pictures and simple rules encourage to login to your personal account again and again for further work on the development of your cognitive functions.

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