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Geo Switching

  • Develops semantic memory
  • Improves attention switching
  • Enhances memory accuracy


A modern person should be able to handle huge amounts of data, and make conclusions very quickly, accurately, based on the incoming data and logical assessment. The "Geo Switching" game will help to develop and build the foundations of fast logical thinking, which are very necessary in your professional activities and daily lives. In fact, there is no targeted training in logical thinking at schools, kindergartens and even universities. Therefore, even a simple situation can cause many people to face difficulties due to lack of understanding and tools for efficient logical thinking.

How It Works

The "Geo Switching" game is entirely built on a "True" or "False" logical expression. IQClass team created a clear and simple puzzle consisting of a list of questions. Our approach is based on the systematical increase of intelligence loads, depending on the results of passing the tests. This ensures an effective improvement in performance and capabilities. Thanks to user-friendly platform, our players can at any time develop their cognitive functions, participate in regular training or simply develop their memory, thinking speed, attention and concentration. Thinking of a person consists of multiple processes, among which, the key ones are responsible for decision making. Watching the objects of the external world, we analyze the properties of objects and their behavior. The logic in Greek has the meaning of "the art of thinking". It is logical thinking that let humanity reach all the blessings of civilization and social order.

What It Gives

The "Geo Switching" game will help you quickly reach the truth in the process of cognition. This profound thought lies in the emergence of new connections in the brain, strengthening of existing ones, enhancing information sharing between the different parts of the brain. Logical thinking is a thinking process, during which we use logical constructions. "True" or "False" is very actively used by our brain to form conclusions, ideas, find solutions. Brain fitness is accompanied by a system of statistical data collection. You will be able to make sure on your own experience that the speed of making logic decisions improves with regular training . Step by step, you will be able to improve your efficiency and ability to work, to expand the capabilities of your mind and achieve targeted development of intelligence.


There are two buttons – “Yes” and “No” on the playing field. They answer the question about the color and shape of the emerging object. The player's task is to quickly determine what they see - a square, star, circle or triangle. The more correct answers they give - the higher will be the final score. At your disposal, there will be three game lives, each of which you lose with a wrong answer. This game is time-limited, and it continues until you lose all game lives or until the time ends. The game is available with regular training or in the games catalog.

How We Developed It

A hobby popular among ancient Greek and medieval thinkers, the logic, actively began to develop in the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries. Since the time of Herodotus, Aristotle and Archimedes, human thought and knowledge have been supported by modern research, statistics and lots of research. The famous Schrödinger's cat, works of Shadrin, Kuzmin, Gusev led to the formation of the new approach to self-development, understanding of the world around us, and the very nature of intelligence. Evidence for beneficial effects of regular intelligent load on the thinking speed, memory capacity, the efficiency of labor, was obtained. Our intelligence is the close relationship between many processes, the improvement of each of them leads to an improvement of cognitive functions operation.

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