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What is IQClass

IQClass is a system designed to effectively develop children’s cognitive functions. Studies dedicated to children’s development have been ongoing for over a century, and we have carefully selected the most proven and efficient methodologies to create an interactive and engaging product.

Our games are aimed at memory improvement
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IQClass Benefits for Business?

Boost Your Team
Boost Your Team

Enhance employee retention by investing in their children’s cognitive development. A small investment can lead to a happier, more productive workplace.

ُُQuick Engagement
Quick Engagement

Get your team engaged fast with our quick onboarding process. IQClass plans are easy to integrate and activate with a personal code, ensuring no time is wasted.

Attract Top Talent
Attract Top Talent

Stand out in a competitive marketplace by offering unique employee benefits. Show you care about your workforce’s balance and productivity, attracting the best in the industry.

What additional collaborative endeavors can we pursue? IQClass

Our solutions are not limited to just your employees. We can also create customized solutions for your customers.

We can work together to create a package that combines IQClass with your products or services, leveraging cross-marketing to boost your sales and offer added value to your customers.

Looking to drive more sales and boost engagement? By bundling IQClass with your product or service, you can offer a more comprehensive solution and improve your conversion rates.

Whether you’re in the education sector or offering other types of services, IQClass can be a valuable addition to your offerings. We can work with you to enrich your materials and provide a more engaging and effective learning experience for your clients or students.

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These are truly innovative educational games

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