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Scientifically-designed Games

Engage your child in a world where play and learning are seamlessly integrated. Our games are designed by cognitive scientists to enhance memory, attention, and logical reasoning, ensuring that every second spent learning is effective and fun.

Curriculum and Beyond

Our platform does more than cover the basics; it prepares your child for a lifetime of critical thinking and problem-solving. By going beyond the standard curriculum, we foster an environment where advanced cognitive skills like spatial reasoning and abstract thinking are developed early on.

Boosts Confidence

IQClass not only educates but empowers. Our supportive and motivational environment boosts learning confidence, helping children to embrace challenges and celebrate their achievements. It’s a nurturing space where they learn to believe in themselves.

Online Education that Actually Works

At our core, we prioritize experiential learning. Our game-based teaching approach is rooted in cognitive science, making learning both fun and fundamentally effective. Children learn through play, engaging with content that enhances critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Online Education that Actually Works

Child Development Courses

Our courses are designed to grow with your child, continuously evolving to keep pace with their developmental needs. They cover essential skills such as cognitive flexibility, spatial awareness, and emotional intelligence, preparing them for all walks of life.

Child Development Courses

Interactive Assessments for Children and Parents

Evaluate and understand your child’s unique abilities with our interactive tests. These assessments help identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in both children and parents, fostering a learning partnership. Additional resources are provided for further study and enrichment at home.

Online tests

Track Your Child’s Progress

Our Parent Dashboard offers a powerful way to stay engaged with your child’s educational journey. Monitor their activity, track their learning outcomes, and receive insights that help you support their growth effectively, ensuring they maximize their potential through IQClass.

Track your child’s progress

Success stories

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What Parents Are Saying About IQClass


Jennifer M.

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IQClass has been phenomenal for my 8-year-old. The interactive games not only improve his memory but also enhance his problem-solving skills. He’s always excited for his next session!


Chris P.

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My daughter has been using IQClass and the improvement in her focus and attention is remarkable. The courses challenge her while being incredibly fun. It’s a joy to see her so engaged!


Angela F.

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IQClass is incredible! The way it strengthens cognitive skills like memory and critical thinking is just what we were looking for. My son is more analytical and observant than ever before.


Stephanie K.

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Thanks to IQClass, my daughter’s cognitive abilities have soared. The unique blend of games and challenges boosts her thinking skills and keeps her motivated. It’s fantastic to see her progress!

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IQClass for Teachers is...

Standards-Aligned Curriculum
Experience ease and assurance in meeting learning objectives with IQClass. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates into your teaching plan, ensuring students master the essential skills for academic success.
Fun, Personalized Assignments
Create dynamic, personalized learning experiences with assignments that adapt to each student’s learning style and pace, making education not just effective but truly engaging.
Classroom-Ready Teaching Tool
Equip yourself with IQClass, designed to engage and inspire students in any educational setting. And remember, it’s always free for teachers, ensuring that every classroom can benefit from our innovative tools.

IQClass for Kids is...

Gamified Learning
Experience the thrill of learning with IQClass where each challenge brings a chance to win stars and badges. This engaging system motivates children by transforming educational goals into exciting games, making every learning moment enjoyable and rewarding.
Self Confidence
IQClass nurtures self-confidence by providing a supportive environment where children can explore learning at their pace, celebrate their achievements, and build resilience through interactive challenges.
New Hobbies
IQClass turns learning into an exciting hobby. Our curriculum is packed with creative activities that spark curiosity and inspire children to develop new interests while learning foundational skills in a fun, captivating way.

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