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  • Develops semantic memory
  • Improves attention switching
  • Enhances memory accuracy


Each of us thought that it would be nice to have a huge intellectual potential, high intelligence, huge memory capacity and great concentration ability. Unfortunately, in real life people do not use their full mental capabilities. This is the result of many factors such as the particular education and training, professional activity, the monotony of everyday life. The "Stroop Task Revolution" game is a fascinating trainer based on the delay in the reaction when reading words, when their value does not correspond with the color of the background. This effect was discovered in 1929, but to this day it continues to be the most interesting for cognitive psychology. IQClass service presents a classic version of Stroop Task and more interesting - "Stroop Task Revolution".

How It Works

In the original version several test kits are used: the name of the colors printed on the black, the name of the colors written in the inconsistent color values, sketched squares were used. As a result, research has revealed a delay in responses, the mismatch between the value and color on the cards among the subjects. Regular training on the trainer increases the rate of cognitive processes. Step by step, the user learns to find the relationship, to control the concentration of attention, give logically correct answers, and make fewer and fewer mistakes.

What It Gives

If you ask your friends or acquaintances if they know of the existence of the Stroop task, most likely, the answer is negative. IQClass platform is a unique development of the best scientists, psychologists, mathematicians and programmers, created for the development of intelligence. Even such seemingly simple questions, as the color of the object may cause problems for the unprepared person. We will teach you to think quickly and find the essence regardless of external stimulus, increase the memory capacity and attention control. This will improve efficiency, raise the intellectual tone, make life brighter and more saturated. In psychology, there is a term "generalization of mental processes," which means that it is impossible to develop one skill, without improving the others. Thus, improving attention, you speed up the processes of thinking, learning to focus you can use attention effectively.


In "Stroop Task Revolution", there is a simple algorithm. You need to find cards inappropriate to the inscriptions. To give answers even faster, use the keyboard. The more correct answers you give - the higher final score you will get. Final score affects the statistics, which are updated after each training session. This unique feature of IQClass service allows you to track the progress of your self-development, look for the strengths and weaknesses of the intelligence, in order to effectively address the weaknesses.

How We Developed It

IQClass Developers implement an integrated approach to the development of skills and intellectual abilities. Only at our service you can find effective exercises designed to improve memory, attention, thinking. Each trainer is the result of programmers, psychologists, scientists, and a large number of other professionals hard work. Taking the well-known phenomenon, we have tried to achieve a more dynamic game, created comfortable conditions for the users and the optimal load. All this has led to getting fantastic results, which you can see for yourself, using the personal account. A few minutes a day of fitness for the brain is a guarantee of clear mind, attention and productive blessed memory.

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