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Geo Switching Ex

  • Develops semantic memory
  • Improves attention switching
  • Enhances memory accuracy


Each of us is born with certain tendencies and abilities, this is especially important for our intelligence. IQClass online training service offers a unique base for the improvement of productivity, concentration, increase memory, speed of thinking. The "Geo Switching Extended" game allows us to develop cognitive functions at a convenient time for you, at work, at rest or with your friends. Game mechanism of self-development is natural and can be seen in action in the games of our children, which, when engaged in seemingly chaotic actions, learn about the world around us.

How It Works

"Geo Switching Extended" is an interesting game with the convenient system for collecting statistics on regular training and author algorithm. Psychological games in the last decade have been actively introduced in the training program for not only pre-school and educational institutions, but also in universities, business schools. "GeoSwitchingEx" allows to have fun, improve the shape of your intellect, specifically to develop such qualities as concentration, the ability to quickly read, rapid definition of the shape and color.

What It Gives

A game is an activity, in which not only the result is important, but also the process itself. Brain fitness allows to assess the dynamics of personality development, form the best plan for future training sessions, based on the results. "Geo Switching Extended" will be the entertaining activity not only for children, but also for people that want to improve their ability to perceive and make the right decisions. Even processes such as the definition of color, size and shape of an object involve multiple parts of the brain. Our applications help to saturate life with new colors, self-actualization, enhance your effectiveness in professional activities or in everyday life. This is due to the gain of additional experience, the formation of biological connections in the cerebral cortex, and improvement of psychosomatic mechanisms. In addition, the effectiveness of psychological games has been repeatedly proven as a result of research and numerous studies.


The playing field is divided into zones, in the center of which there are different shapes. Your task is to quickly and correctly answer questions about the properties of the objects appearing. This may be a question of shape and color, but do not relax, you may be seen a triangle, star, square, circle, hexagon in a different color scheme. The game continues until the end of the playing time, or until the player loses all the game lives as a result of wrong answers. When the correct answers are given, number of points will increase, the game will become more complicated. It is important not only to quickly evaluate the properties of the object appearing, but also to develop the skills of fast reading, logical thinking.

How We Developed It

The IQClass project team has developed an effective psychological trainer, based on research, experience and modern theories of personal development. Our innovative product is equipped with a functional personal account, statistics of trainings, automated complex for determining the optimal player difficulty level. "Geo Switching Extended" includes elements of the Stroop test, development of basic psychological characteristics and processes. Despite the simplicity of the game, you can have business skills improved with daily workouts.

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