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Memory Matrix

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves visual memory
  • Enhances spatial memory


The second popular method in rating for the development of working memory and cognitive abilities after the n-back  is the game of memory matrices or memory arrays. Training with memory arrays helps to develop a short-term memory, accuracy and speed of memory, spatial working memory, visual memory, voluntary attention, speed of thinking - just the little part of studies and publications results. IQClass service is a solution to the ever-increasing demand of many people who want to develop their cognitive capabilities, to invest their time and effort into their own efficiency and ability to work.

How It Works

The principle of unity of mind and activity has been generated by great scientists L.S. Vygotsky, S.L. Rubinstein and A.N. Leontiev. This gave the stimulation to the emergence of trends in psychology, which implement practical benefits from holding training of memorization and reproduction of images, symbols, objects. It is proved that a man can, with regular loads on the memory, master it gradually, improve interaction with thinking and increase memory capacity. The "Memory Matrices" game is built on a simple and intuitive algorithm - it is necessary to memorize the position of chosen objects. Modern theories are divided in accordance with the principle of memorization used. Associative theory asserts that our brain creates associations to facilitate the work of memory. Gestalt psychology introduces the concept of "gestalt", which means "image", which is created as a result of a comprehensive assessment of projects. Behaviorist theory of memory is the result of the work of contemporary scientists. According to it, the memory is highly dependent on the number of repetitions of exercises, loads, memory cycles. IQClass team gathered the best effective training programs that allow to improve your performance, memory, attention and speed of thinking in practice.

What It Gives

The physiological basis of memory is the neuronal connections in the cerebral cortex. It is their accumulation and complexity that leads to increased intelligence. First reflexes that are based on storing mechanism, appear starting from the age of two weeks. Activation of the process of memorization, concentration of attention during playing "Memory Matrices" allows the highly-expressed results at the earliest stages of training. You will notice improved reproduction quality of the memorized information, increase in the memory capacity, work with diagrams, charts, formulas will be much easier. Program automatically selects the load suitable for you. This allows, in a relatively short period of time, to improve your skills.


The "Memory Matrices" game is available in a mode of regular exercise, or, if the user wishes, in the games catalog. The system automatically determines the level of difficulty for the player. It is affected by the dynamics of your development, the results of previous and current answers. Colored squares will appear on the game field. Your task will be to memorize their location and reproduce exactly as they disappear. The timing of the initial value will decrease and the field will increase. Wrong answer leads to a lowering of the level of difficulty and the loss of one of the three game lives. Gameplay consists of ten exercises, as a result of the passage of which you will receive an assessment in points that will allow you to track the dynamics of the development of memory.

How We Developed It

The history of the memory array began in 1972, when there was visual-spatial Corsi test. As the basis of technique the researchers used a spatial modification of digit span task. To pass the test experiment, the player was offered a field of 9 square blocks on the field, the experimenter pointed on the blocks in a certain order, and the player had to repeat the sequence of presentation exactly. Task begins with a small number of blocks and increases gradually in length to the nine blocks, during the task performance, it measures the number of sequences and the maximum number of elements memorized. There is also a reverse version of the problem, in which you need to reproduce the sequence from the last to the first element. According to the first experiments, an adult copes with the sequence of the 5 elements. Later, with the computer modification of the test, element number increased to 7. Memorization of graphic elements and their position has beneficial effects on the improvement of brain activity. It has been proven that regular memorization exercises provide a stable result. IQClass team has made the best selection of tests and programs for the development of your abilities. Fitness for the brain from IQClass is a modern complex of affordable and convenient training, allowing not only to spend time with fun, but also to get real tangible results.  1-s2.0-S0896627302011716-gr1

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