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After a hard working day, or due to inattention, a situation may occur where you could not remember the number, forgot where you have put the keys from the apartment or not remember the way explained to you before. The "Diamonds" will help to establish cooperation with your memory, improve visual perception of actions and their memorization. The orientation in space is very important in everyday life, or in specialized activities. Despite the intensive study of cognitive functions, there is no consensus about where the spatial memory is stored. The "Diamonds" is an interpretation of the famous studies with visual modification of the image - Corsi Test. In this test, subjects were asked to remember a sequence of movements of wooden blocks and then recreate them exactly.

How It Works

The distinction of the "Diamonds" trainer is the automatic construction of the playing field, depending on the results of the player. This allows adjustment of the gameplay to achieve optimal load on the spatial memory, which significantly increases the efficiency of training. Moreover, the sequence in the visual form is perceived differently than numeric or alphabetic. Often the tasks of this nature are called in cognitive psychology as “coverage”. Active use of non-verbal memory components results in its development, the formation of new connections, which increases the rate of data exchange, the quality of reproduction of the information recorded previously. There are many hypotheses, theories and paradigms describing the process of memorizing, but the mechanism of memorizing is not known. There are only the results of the study, after a PET-scan, confirming activation of mid-vetrolateral front, rear and right peremotor parietal cortex when passing such tests. This demonstrates the complexity, close interconnection and scale of the intelligence work.

What It Gives

Regular training on "Diamonds" will help to develop the volume of memorization and reproduction of spatial information, improve concentration, and improve your working performance. Due to the adaptive mechanism of the step by step difficulty increase, the player will be able to increase the volume of their working memory, which is the basis for quick thinking. It is working memory that is the source for the continuous exchange of information between thinking, attention and long-term memory.


The playing field consists of a space divided into cells. The player must remember the sequence of appearance of shaded areas and after the signal to reproduce them as they appear. An error leads to a reduction of the game difficulty, two correct answers will increase the playing field and add another location in the sequence.

How We Developed It

The "Diamonds" is a "close relative" of the"Memory Matrices” game, as they are based on the classical Corsi Test. To pass the test, you must repeat the structure of the presented for a short time matrix cells. In the "Memory Matrices", as opposed to the "Diamonds", the entire field with the colored cells is immediately shown, and the cells must be remembered and repeated in any order. In the "Diamonds", the cells in the field are lit one by one and strictly in exact order. Classical Corsi Test is closer to the game "Diamonds" in its essence. All the tasks of this type have a positive effect on the development of spatial memory, help expand the capacity and increase the accuracy of working memory. Corsi Test Example test_di_corsi

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