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Stepping Stones

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves memory accuracy
  • Enhances spatial memory


The information environment, in which people live and work, is constantly evolving. After studying at schools, universities, without the support of integrated programs, our intellect slows down its development, and by 45 years decline in thinking processes begins. In order to maintain your memory, thinking and attention to the high tone of state service IQClass offers an interesting, complicated, but no less exciting game - "Stepping Stones" This trainer will improve your concentration, learn you quickly and for a long time to memorize telephone numbers, addresses, increase the amount of working memory. It used to be considered that these abilities cognition can only go down. We also offer on the basis of current research, user-friendly software package to see firsthand the effectiveness of cognitive training trainer.

How It Works

The main difference of IQClass site is a scientific approach, design under the supervision of scientists and psychologists, which resulted in a wide range of tools for the development of cognitive function. They all belong to a single system, which is capable of collecting statistical data, and on that basis calculate the progress of intelligence. Memory is an essential component of high capacity for work, a comfortable life, the basis of success in your career. During the course of training as a result of loads mechanismof memorizing, playback and storage is triggered. Performing regular exercise with optimal load after a short time you will find the ability to better memorize, concentrate, and speed think.

What It Gives

As a result of experiments using PET scanning it has been found that there is a single center, or the place where the working memory is stored. During operation, the brain activates several areas of the cerebral cortex, and the person's response is more like a flash of electric discharge. Working closely with each other, neurons form a network that can encode, playback and store various data. Working memory capacity of virtually all people equal and is equal to 5-9 elements. Not a lot, you might say, but it is enough to handle the millions of gigabytes of information that people remember. Step by step, increasing the load on your memory, you will memorize more and learn to keep memories for a longer period, start noticing the details due to development of attention.


The player is shown for a few seconds, the field, divided into cells, with random numbers. The correct answer in "Stepping Stones" is considered to be reconstructed from memory sequence of numbers in ascending order. Correct answers lead to an increase in the playing field, the numerical sequence. Wrong - in the loss of game lives. Spatial memory is very important, because you need not only to try to remember the location of numbers, but also click all over them at the time.

How We Developed It

One of the tasks on voluntary attention and switching is Trail Making test, or "Follow The Route" test, like a game for children "Connect the points." As children play, the test develops voluntary attention and switching function. During development the test consisted of two parts, the subject should first connect between 25 points, that are marked with numerals, then letters with a maximum speed and precision, while on a single sheet there can be numbers and letters simultaneously. Performing this task reflects the attention function, the visual object search speed, the speed of the flow of information processing, thinking flexibility, switching and executive functions. The first use of the test occurred in 1944 in the study of intelligence in the military. Since the 50s the method was used in the range of clinical tests to assess cognitive function in brain damage and was included into the Halstead-Reitan range of tests. In clinical studies it was shown that a low test result is associated with damage to the frontal lobes and frontal cortex. This maskign test is also known as "Monkey Ladder”, the test is widely used to study the cognitive functions in chimpanzees which in a young age show the results superior to humans.

Training at IQClass

Today it is known that people who are regularly engaged in similar trainers, significantly increase the performance of memory, the coefficient of spatial thinking. IQClass created a trainer based on the numerical sequence as information space is increasingly saturated with this type of information. Developing perception, reducing the number of mistakes in memorizing, you can improve your life, reach new heights in your professional activities, and learn how to remember more vivid emotions. The first version of the task is as follows: Trails_Making_Test img-3- small580

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