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Clicker Plus

  • Develops attention span
  • Improves attention stability
  • Enhances semantic memory


The level of attention and the ability to concentrate on the performance of a task significantly determines our success. Most people have the attention span of almost the same performance which is in the range of 5-7 elements. This means that your intelligence can only operate simultaneously with this number of subjects. As a result, research scientists have shown that this parameter may eventually deteriorate with age and is greatly reduced. However, the good news is the possibility of developing and increasing attention. Specially for you to maintain your cognitive abilities in tone, IQClass team has developed an improved version of the popular game - "Clicker Plus".

How It Works

Attention has many characteristics and includes capacity, concentration, and stability. These parameters directly affect the quality of information coming into the brain processing. For some it may be difficult to focus on work, external sounds can irritate or working colleagues can distract. "Clicker Plus" teaches to get rid of the influence of irritants and helps to effectively solve the problem. Special attention needs to be flexible, to ensure switching on the development of the thinking process. In the game, you will build straight or reverse sequence, consisting of digits. Arbitrary attention is also called "strong-willed", since it is not possible without the desire and intelligence activities. Performing regular exercises with "Clicker Plus" you can not only relax, but also develop the capacity for quick thinking and improve concentration.

What It Gives

The combination of mental and physical activities increases the effectiveness of training. A player needs not only to get the right answer, as a result of reflection, but also to note it on the playing field. "Clicker Plus" is an adaptive algorithm for constructing training programs. This means that, depending on the correctness of your answers, the difficulty will increase or decrease. Thus, firstly, it is possible to train at the optimum settings for your capabilities, and secondly, the game becomes more fun and interesting. Training for the development of cognitive function in a playful way improves perception, reduces fatigue, leads to self-stimulation and desire to work on improving the result. Within a few days of training, you will be able to detect improvement in your score, which reflects the high quality work of attention, concentration and thinking speed.


The player is offered a table with randomly located digits. It is needed, depending on the task, to click all digits of the sequence in ascending or descending order. A wrong answer leads to loss of a game life, a correct answer results in bonus points and increases the difficulty and the number of digits in the sequence. Faster response - more points.

How We Developed It

Unlike its predecessor, "Clicker", "Clicker Plus"is the part of the premium service package of IQClass, you must fill out straight and reverse sequence. We have created a simple and intuitive simulator that has no age restrictions and will be an interesting hobby during holiday, a break during the working day or part of a program for the development of cognitive functions. The powerful motivational component was implemented, which consists of the evaluation points for each training passing and statistics in your account. The systematic organization of work, step by step increase in difficulty and clear statement of purpose leads to stunning results, and our players have better readiness, note increased concentration and decision-making speed in a few weeks .

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