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Find Figure

  • Develops memory accuracy
  • Improves attention span
  • Enhances spatial memory


Many psychologists studying the psychological processes, concluded in a strong relationship between intellectual abilities and the development of visual perception. It is a progressive rendering technique that improves the efficiency of learning in schools, universities, during the passage of business training. The "Find a Figure" game is based on mechanisms of visual search. It is known that our brain receives more than 90% of the information through eyes. Huge data sets are being worked out, among which items important to remember are identified, and also those that are forgotten forever. Visual search can be defined as a way of creative thinking. Depending on the individual characteristics, each one of us pays attention only to certain objects and events. However, for effective solutions to everyday tasks, visual search is one of the defining conditions to get comfort.

How It Works

Visual Search - is a complex set of actions, which is based on a logical comparison of the resulting visual information. Our brain performs interpretation of the received information and forms images, which are further processed, and solutions are generated based on tasks. In simple words, when you're just looking for something in your bag, work inside your brain boils and produces millions of operations associated with memory, attention, thinking. The more you load your intelligence, the better and faster you solve the problem. In "Find a Figure" you will have to operate with pictures and a large number of objects on the playing field. Visual information, after processing, is transformed into visual knowledge, on the basis of which there is a choice of one or another object.

What It Gives

With the ability to process visual information, you get: • Faster solution of problems related to searching for objects; • Facilitation of the surrounding world perception process; • Promotion of logical and associative thinking. Simply speaking, training on "Find a Figure", you effectively develop the surrounding world perception tool. You can easily focus on searching tasks, process large amounts of information, learn to look for information on charts and graphs quickly.


Our team has complicated the usual visual search, and added the factor of the field size. At the initial level, you will get the playing field with a small amount of objects and complete image of the original object. With the development of your abilities, the picture size will be reduced, and the number of objects will be increased. A mistake will lead to the lower level of difficulty, and do not forget to keep an eye on the results of your work in a personal account.

How We Developed It

The basis of the "Find a Figure" game is the hot favorite search game. Various interpretations are widely used for the development of children, at a pre-school and school age. We decided to go further: firstly, we have introduced the adaptive mechanism of training that made the game more interesting and challenging, and secondly, we have complicated the game by using the mechanism of reduction of the original image.

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