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  • Develops attention span
  • Improves attention stability
  • Enhances semantic memory


Knowledge of the world is not possible without attention. Any activity is accompanied by concentration and a continuous analysis of the state of the object, phenomena, properties. One of the most popular methods for the development of attention, and this is the basis of our games "Clicker" and "ClickerPlus"- is Schulte tables. There are many paper and online variations of these tables. Interestingly, this test is so popular that its name is already read as an abbreviation, a psychiatrist who first invented the technique, is almost not remembered. 019ed934993742f7f238a0af2778f0dd Methodology of "Searching numbers" or "Schulte Table", was developed originally as a psycho-diagnostic test to study the properties of attention by German psychiatrist and psychotherapist Walter Schulte (1910 — 1972)). From 1962 to 1972 Professor Schulte worked in Tübingen, where he was engaged in research in the field of psychopathology and psychotherapy. Initially, the sample was developed in engineering psychology, it has been used to assess the efficiency and speed of search movements if the vision. The technique is a table or a matrix consisting of 25 cells (5 vertically and 5 horizontally). Each cell contains a random number from 1 to 25. The task is to  find the numbers in direct sequence from 1 to 25, or the reverse – 25 to 1, as quickly as possible. Thanks to ease of tests to determine the properties of attention, Schulte table became a whole procedure with its norms and standards, modifications emerged, such as red and black Gorbov-Schulte table. Schulte tables can be used for younger students. An interesting effect occurs from training with Schulte tables. First of all, the training is developing voluntary attention and the focus of visual attention, because of this a well-known psychologist of thinking and memory development, Tony Buzan repeatedly writes about this technique in his books about speed reading. For speed reading, Schulte table techniques help in the development of simultaneously retaining the focus of attention at several objects. Typically, a person's attention has a narrower focus. Also, scientists state interesting condition of maximum internal concentration, which is quite similar to a meditative trance or stream, after which a person performs his daily work assignments much more effectively. Separate studies were carried out about the coefficient increase, thanks to training with Schulte tables . To pass the Schulte tables, there are separate standards: for example, an adult completes one table for 30 to 50 seconds, more often - for 40-42 seconds. Normally, the completion of 5-7 tables takes about the same time.

How It Works

IQClass team created a unique software package, user-friendly, efficient and helping to develop new skills. The "Clicker" game is the rapid analysis of the playing field, using the decision-making centers, short-term memory, attention and concentration. A player, sliding their eyes on a set of numbers, must quickly identify patterns and ascending number series. Each of the processes has its specific content, however, only the unity of perception provides high performance, adequate assessment of reality. The human is attentive not only when listens, but hears, not only looks, but sees the true nature of things. "Clicker" will help to strengthen intelligence, to keep your mind and attention in good shape.


The playing field consists of a number of cells. There are digits located in a chaotic manner. The player must build a sequential series of numbers in ascending values as soon as possible. A mistake results in a loss of game life. Each successfully executed step increases the level of difficulty, a mistake, on the contrary, reduces the complexity. At the end of the exercise, you will get an evaluation in score. Your results are automatically stored in order to track the progress of your development.

What It Gives

Brain fitness is best done in a playful way. The "Clicker" game will be available for you at any time, within the framework of regular training or in the catalog of psychological trianer. Attention and thinking are dynamic characteristics. Without cognition, loads, it is impossible to efficiently develop your potential. Directing your attention to the playing field of the "Clicker" game, you trigger the concentration, depth and direction of the study. Professional activities, inclinations and dispositions of person can lead to the need for remedial or developmental exercises in order to restore or improve the ability to attentive studying. Regular training on the "Clicker" psychological simulator leads to increased clarity, visibility of content, speed of thinking.

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