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Eagle Eye

  • Develops memory accuracy
  • Improves memory rate
  • Enhances visual memory


Human memory can be developed, just as the amount of muscle mass can be increased in gyms. Investing time in gaining experience and stimulating the development of memory, each of us can get a good result. Any impressions, thoughts, feelings or movements leave their mark on the memory. The physiological basis of memory process is the formation of temporary connections in the cerebral cortex. In everyday life, at work or at rest, the brain, like a computer, is working on the organization of the information we receive through the senses. The "Eagle Eye" game will allow you and your family to improve the process of receiving, storing and perceiving information through simple and exciting training. The game is suitable for all age categories, it can be played by one or several people. Human memory is individual, it is taken into account in the features of the "Eagle Eye". The computer program will not only organize brain fitness, but also guarantee the availability of competitive spirit, the struggle for the best prizes and good results.

How To Play

Despite the fact that the mechanisms of storing information by the brain are very complex and not fully studied, the development of these capabilities will only require the availability of time and desire to develop the potential of their brain. The player is presented a beautiful seascape. It portrays the waves, the sun and clouds. After the start of the game, your task will be to quickly search the birds that appear on the screen and to remember the location. Simple? Only at the first glance. Depending on the results of your playing, dynamics of the game will only grow. Each time the bird will appear and disappear faster and faster.

What is the Game Meaning?

After registering an account, you get the ability to save your results in different games. For the "Eagle Eye" game, in the results field, last visit date and the number of points earned are saved. Because of this, each player can assess the dynamics of the memory. Similar games that involve attention, allow spending time with joy and getting away from the routine of work, arranging for yourself an independent course of development of abilities or exercising in memorizing images with your friends.

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Regular classes allow to consolidate the results. Gradually and imperceptibly you will be able to use your memory efficiently, remember information quicker, convert your guesses in the firm belief. Brain fitness offers a huge range of fun and exciting games for attention, remembering and thinking development. The "Find a Pair" game will require the rapid analysis and memorization of the position of images, and the "Comparison from Memory" will require not just memorizing figures, but also their comparison with previous values.

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