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  • Develops attention switching
  • Improves voluntary attention
  • Enhances attention stability


The logic in Greek means "the art of reasoning." Our common sense, clarity in decision-making process greatly affects the efficiency, working ability, and ultimately our quality of life. Life experience solely is not enough to think rationally, and formal logic laws and practices often remain only a theory. The "Airport" game is exciting and will leave indifferent either a child, or a self-confident entrepreneur. It will teach you to make decisions quickly, concentrate on the task at hand. The "Airport" game will reveal the potential that, thanks to IQClass service, can be developed in-system, that will certainly improve your results. We provide all the necessary tools for self-education, including automatic training program, information database, a powerful statistical center available in your account.

How It Works

Attention and speed of thought developing game - "Airport" - is based on the principle of rapid determination of the color of the plane and making a well-considered decision based on the previously defined conditions. The more often person activates the logical thinking, the stronger the connection between the processes in the brain is, new channels of information through their interconnection lead to a better understanding of the world. In practice, this means that you will learn to understand the true nature of things, finding cause-and-effect relationships will become easier. Despite the fact that on only two planes (red and blue) appear on the game screen, the "Airport" game is a powerful tool for the development of cognitive functions.

What It Gives

It is common for the logical structures to have evidential base. Thinking process of a person works on the basis of evidence or submissions. Justification of your decision will occur due to the identification of the object, determination of its connection with the rules of the game. Analyzing the prerequisites and conditions, you activate multiple brain areas, thereby expanding the horizons of your own capabilities. It is proved that the creative-logical thinking depends directly on the decision-making in everyday life or professional activities, while decision-making centers are beginning to emerge at the age of one and a half years. Thinking with logic is required in any field of human activity. The "Airplane" game is relevant for people working in the human sciences who are willing to develop speaking skills, skills of making quick decisions in business or management, even creativity can be activated as a result of regular training.


The playing field consists of block of answers, buttons, and a place where planes appear. You, as an experienced manager, have to correctly indicate directions. If a blue plane appears - you need to press the key corresponding to the direction of the nose of the aircraft, if a red plane appears – direction of the tail. Three misses are allowed, then the game is over. The more correct answers – the more points. Be careful, the game has time limit, and based on your results, assessment of the dynamics of your development will be performed.

How We Developed It

Wilhelm Wundt is considered to be the founder of psychological trainers. It was he who brought the basic fundamental principles of using psychological trainers. The "Airport" game involves multiple areas of the cerebral cortex, which demonstrates improvement of thinking process with the large number of iterations and statistical processing. IQClass team has invested labor, knowledge and experience and has created an effective platform for the development of your cognitive functions.

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