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Outer Space

  • Develops involuntary attention
  • Improves voluntary attention
  • Enhances attention concentration


Every day, each of us, in daily life and at work, faces with resolving of the huge number of logical tasks. With the ability to make informed decisions, people organized their lives, learned to solve complex technical and business problems, got rid of the ill-considered actions with negative consequences. The "Outerspace" trainer will help to sharpen the adoption of simple logical decisions to automaticity, learn to concentrate on the task at hand and focus more effectively. IQClass developers complicated the process of training, adding the need to use peripheral vision. The player must take all decisions, looking at the fixed point, which has a positive effect on the development of volitional qualities, attention and concentration. Regular brain fitness will saturate your life with bright colors, ensure success in your career and everyday tasks.

How It Works

As a result of numerous studies, it was shown that the efficiency of development of mind is better with the above systematic approach. It is appropriate to divide the concept of "logical thinking" into two components: the thinking and logic. In the "Outerspace" game, your brain will find a connection between the object on the playing field, and the conditions of the task. The logic will provide a definition of the correct answer, will help to reach the truth through cognition. The main task of the simulator is to increase the speed of interaction between all intelligence centers involved in the decision. To give the correct answer, you need to do a lot of operations: keep the attention on the center of the circle, which is located on the playing field, switch the focus to search for the object (rocket), identify the direction of its movement and determine the correct answer.

What It Gives

Regular training with "Outerspace" will help improve the speed of decision-making logic, will give judgment and attention to the evidence base, while responding to questions. The logic is used in practically all types of human activity. Humanities, art, creativity and public speaking skills would not be so diverse, if it had not had a relationship with logic. Developing human intelligence, it is impossible to improve one skill, and not affect all the others. During a game with simple rules, you will prepare the basis for a better presentation of your thoughts, learn to apply reasoning and eliminate the occurrence of logical errors in your life. Frequent switching of attention will help you quickly find the truth, analyze objects and their properties.


There is the target on the playing field. It is necessary to try, holding the attention on it, answer in which direction the missile flies. To answer, use the keys on the keyboard. Correct answers will increase the complexity of the game by moving spaceship away from the goal. More correct answers - more prize points as a result of training. It is important to use peripheral vision and not to take your eyes off the aim.

How We Developed It

The game was created to bring the simplest mental operations to automatism. The development team has helped to complicate the gameplay in such a way that it will increase the efficiency of the final exercise. A unique software-technical complex of collection of statistical data appearing a result of training was created. Our players receive accurate information on the progress made to improve their skills. In a personal account, you can trace changes in the results of training that involve certain skills. Thus, you can not only have fun spending your free time, but also engage in the development of cognitive functions, achieve new heights and improve your intellect.

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