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  • Develops attention switching
  • Improves voluntary attention
  • Enhances attention stability


Perception depends on the characteristics of our personality, the ability to find the essence of a series of events with different bonds. interaction between subject and object can manifest itself in different ways - sensation, perception, memory, thinking, or even imagination are tools for our knowledge of the world. Fitness for the brain will teach you to notice those characteristics or properties to which no one have previously paid attention. The exciting "Submarine" game is a fairly simple and very addictive way to demonstrate the boundaries of your abilities, the ability to self-improvement and the individual characteristics of your personality.

How It Works

Our attention and memory is, above all, the dynamic characteristics. Cognitive ability is dependent on how long and how well we can focus on objects. Renowned child psychologist brought Beyrl pattern between age and number of distractions during the game. So, it was the younger the child, the more likely he was distracted, changed their activities or focused on other objects. Communication with the object of mental activity can also be called productivity, the ability to identify priority tasks. Having learned with the help of an interesting psychological game "Submarines" to control your thinking, remembering and attention, it is possible at times to increase the return to work quickly to solve problems that previously took much longer to stop distractions and thereby increase efficiency.

What It Gives

Once you define your goal, for example, to monitor the color and movement of submarines, the image of the object of investigation becomes clear, a study of it is much faster. Thus, under constant external factors you can get more information, more quickly respond to changes in the behavior of the object, look for the best ways and solutions. Scientists have shown that the more actively conscious activity aimed at the study of the object, the more intense the information is processed, the relationship is defined and optimal solutions are generated. Step-by-step "Fitness for the brain", provides a unique personalized training program that will teach you to concentrate, make the right decisions to realize the relationship with objects.


Cognitive "Submarines" trainer is a product of the famous two-way: the more attention is directed to the object, the more the object attracts attention. Your task is simple: monitor the color and direction of the submarine. If you see the yellow submarine fleet - choose the direction in which points the nose of the ship if the green - you must choose the direction of the submersibles. You can use the keyboard or use the virtual buttons and mouse. Nothing could be simpler? So it seems at first glance. The essence of the process lies in the development of tonic reflex innervation. Without going into details, you can simply pay a little of your personal time to develop your abilities. IQClass created functional personal account mechanism with personalized mode of training, depending on your goals and current successes.

How We Developed It

Attention and thinking are closely related to the activity, which we are engaged in. Some operations we perform at full automatism some require a greater degree of attention and concentration. As soon as humanity complicated its foreign operations, moving from a simple observation of the objects to their creation, many people became interested in the thought: "And what is the basis of our directional thinking?". As aptly claimed Stanislavsky our attention and thinking are natural needs. Idealists and inspired movements for human self-knowledge was Foucault, Delevr, Ruby, Vund and Mueller, who first formulated the theory of behavioral psychology.

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