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Piggy Bank

  • Develops thinking speed
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances involuntary attention


The biological mechanism of our thinking is that each of us has a consistent intelligence, which brings together all kinds of different functions and tasks. Within the unity, the thought process is differentiated for various operations. There are various cognitive processes such as memorization, imagination, analysis, reasoning, and much more. Scientists have highlighted the concept of "practical thinking", which means mental function in the process of committing a particular practice. We all fulfil a huge number of daily tasks, face the need to make decisions quickly and process large amounts of information. The "Money Box" game is a simple and affordable way to develop high-speed thinking, increase their productivity and to learn how to quickly solve basic practical problems.

How It Works

Proof of the existence of "practical thinking" is the fact that some people, who have extraordinary mental abilities, sometimes cannot quickly perform basic tasks such as counting of change, solution of simple equations and so on. Few people know, but even the great Albert Einstein in his graduation certificate had many satisfactory marks. Regularly practicing with "Money Box" in the course of your practice, you will be able to accelerate the completion of the elementary forms of thinking processes. A characteristic feature of our "everyday" thinking is the direct interaction with the object. Getting change at the store, composing work plans, evaluating the results, we get a clear and informative presentation. The faster our brain is able to work with them, the easier will be even the most complicated tasks.

What It Gives

The “Money Box" game develops several your abilities. It is not necessary to count the number of coins or amount by denomination. If necessary, when the initial assessment cannot to give an accurate result, it is possible to group objects based on their properties. For example, when collecting the largest denomination coins you may understand, which basket has more money in it, etc. Receiving training program in a private account of "Brain Fitness", you can also see the results of the monitoring system of your results. After a few weeks of regular exercises, you will feel the positive trend in the processing speed of simple but regularly encountered in everyday life requests.


Your task is to specify a money box that has more money. There may be different amounts of coins of various denominations. If the amount of money in all baskets is the same - choose any. Depending on your results, the system will increase or decrease the difficulty level automatically. Incorrectly specifying the money box, you will lose one of three game lives. The game continues until the time runs out or you lose all of the game lives. As a result, everyone will get the points they earned, which can be compared with previous results.

How We Developed It

Active intellect examination began and was developing throughout the entire twentieth century. The first fundamental theories were formed, and large studies began to be conducted. The prevailing opinion of the associative psychology, which was determined by the existence of the elementary sensual perceptions, was eventually replaced by understanding of the individual abilities of each person and personal development. Performing simple and clear actions on the summing of coins in the basket, you can achieve evident acceleration of thinking. Such intelligent trainers are relevant not only for children but also for middle-aged and elderly people. By paying attention to the personality and its development, you can achieve more, honing the ability of logical data processing.

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