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Fruits Math

  • Develops attention span
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances thinking speed


Rapid verbal counting skills are actively used by us in everyday life and in professional activities. This useful skill not only saves time, but also organizes life, helping to improve efficiency and achieve high-speed processing of simple mathematical data. Until the mid-twentieth century, people with extraordinary abilities in a rapid mental calculation performed on TV, on the entertainment evenings. The "Fruit Math" game will teach you to make decisions quickly, to carry out simple mathematical operations and improve concentration.

How It Works

It is known that the maximum counting speed is achieved by the visual technique of counting. Due to the fact that a person does not say  verbal phrases in their mind (auditory-motor technique), a terrific performance can be reached. Simple and intuitive algorithm of application allows you to achieve high dynamics of training, and a built-in adaptive algorithm of training will help you to choose the optimal load. During the study of factors affecting the development of intelligence, a clear relationship between the load and the result was established. Many people-counters, preparing for the next competition, brought their intellect to exhaustion, overstressed their brain playing mind chess, in some cases they reached condition similar to symptoms in the short-term schizophrenia. IQClass platform will help, with the use of simple tasks, to regularly fitness the brain to increase its ability and to relax from the stress after a hard working day. Enjoying an exciting game, expressing zeal and interest, you will be able to achieve a high mental capacity.

What It Gives

The "Fruit Math" game does not stand only for exercises on the solution of mathematical equations in your head. It also stands for training attention, its switching speed, the ability to quickly recognize patterns, to concentrate on the task. It is known that even with high potential, the good nature talents, you can partially lose your ability to a quick count due to lack of load. IQClass platform will not let your intellect lose its characteristics and qualities. Regular training will help to keep it in good shape, ready to achieve new tops in your career and to work effectively in everyday life.


There are three areas on the player screen, on which there are pictures of various fruits. The main task is to count them quickly and answer the question correctly. A mistake will result in loss of a game life. Correct answers trigger the mechanism of increasing complexity, adjusting training under optimum conditions for you to answer. "Fruit Math" is a fascinating and dynamic game, to make it more active, we have provided the key controls on the keyboard. Do not forget to compare the results with previous performance in your personal account.

How We Developed It

Incorruptible Mikhail Lomonosov's quote is: "Mathematics has to be loved at least for that it puts the mind in order." The intellect of a person is a complex and mysterious system of intertwined decision-making centers. The IQClass team, after numerous brainstorms, created a unique database of trainers, which are able not only to maintain the intelligence in working condition, but also able to engage self-development in an accessible and comprehensive manner, without restrictions and with the qualified approach of clinical psychologists, scientists and experts in game development.

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