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Math Matrix

  • Develops creativity
  • Improves thinking speed
  • Enhances logic


Tired of the simple and similar games? Want to spend time with benefits, using the training program from the best experts in the field of psychology? It's time for brain fitness! "Math Matrices" game increases the speed of your thinking with regular training, which leads to improved attention span and allows you to quickly make optimal decisions. Regularly at home or at the workplace, each of us is faced with the active use of logical thinking. This intelligence tool is important equally for a businessman, a scientist, banker, or manager. Principles of development and the basis of logical thinking are formed at an early age, and our success and the achievement of your goals depend on how well we use the principles of logic. IQClass service team has developed a specialized program of thinking, attention and memory development. Everyone can pass the tests, solve tasks and puzzles at the convenient time. The "Math Matrice" is the classical trainer aimed at the development and self-development.

How It Works

It is impossible to quickly train to calculate and make optimal decisions within seconds, having read a book or passed a master-class. Our brain is the greatest and most mysterious instrument of knowledge, which absorbs a huge amount of information. The "Math Matrices" game helps to correctly build the logical operations to determine the most appropriate way of solving the problem. Our team believes that the main feature of the development of human personality is the need for a systemic approach. To accomplish this, use a personal account, the statistics system, system of increase or decrease in the level of difficulty. For example, in the initial stages, the matrix consists of several terms and the set of correct combinations. Your dynamics of training, progress and results are processed by the system in order to determine the  intensity and complexity of activities optimal for you. As a result of the thinking process and information processing, stable interconnections between objects or phenomena of the surrounding world are formed. The brain is in good shape and prepared to generate solutions or answers swiftly.

What It Gives

The effect, on which the "Math Matrices" trainer is directed, should be the formation of objective thinking. The gradually complicating task will expand the borders of your consciousness, and you will be able to discover the features and properties of the brain, that were not even suspected. The simple task of finding the correct parameters for the task to fulfill the conditions of expression is accompanied by evidence, judgment, analysis of the incoming data. In mathematics, a strict, formalized logic is applied. Few people think about it, but our daily life is also full of solving of a simple logical tasks (at the time of going to the store, at home, or at work).


"MathMatrix" is a simple game, built on the basis of a single rule - to quickly find the right terms for the expression. For example, the expression of 2 addends is given as follows: X + Y = 10. And the playing field, consisting of various digits, is given. It is necessary to choose addends making the expression correct. For example, X = 2 and Y = 8. The higher is the difficulty level, the less are suitable pairs. A wrong answer leads to loss of a game life. The game continues until the end of the playing time or running out of the number of your attempts. Be careful, the game is very addictive and leads to increased brain activity!

How We Developed It

Brain fitness takes advantage of computer technology, modern knowledge and research to achieve the efficiency of training.

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