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Everyone knows the famous statement of Mikhail Lomonosov: "Mathematics has to be loved at least for that it puts mind in order." IQClass created a convenient and effective cognitive training device that enhances the quality of abstract thinking and logical thinking. For modern man counting mathematical operations in mind is useful and relevant skill. The main task of the IQClass service is not to develop any specific skills, but a comprehensive approach, which is implemented through regular training, the intensity of which is defined by a software system. Few people think about the structure of their own intelligence. Despite the presence of powerful instruments of knowledge, the development of technology, we still know so little about the phenomenon of our own thinking. It is proved that intelligence consists of numerous processes, closely interacting with each other. It is impossible to develop, for example, memory, and not affect at the same time the speed of decision-making or creative thinking.

How It Works

In addition to the practical value, the "Simplification" trainer allows you to achieve the best focus, helps you to organize your life and increase the efficiency of work. In addition to the factors of reputation, your intellectual capacity will give justified results, so investing your own time and energy in the brain fitness with IQClass is an investment in the future. There are people who count in the mind quickly, and even 2548975x14545 equation may take for the exact answer only a few seconds. Making a simple arithmetic operation in mind, you form in the brains many links, often refer to your memory, experience, activate the cortex. Gradually complicating the arithmetic series, you get the optimal load for the efficient development of your abilities.

What It Gives

Your experience in dealing with a large number of arithmetic problems will stay with you forever. Regular exercise plays a role in development of the cognitive functions. Spending a few minutes a day, after a while you will find the new ability to rapidly solve complex equations. Moreover, imagine how much time you could save if you take decisions without searching the mobile phone pocket calculator and start counting. Everyone can discover in themselves the ability that many consider phenomenal, you'll need to work a little hard work and will need self-motivation. A quick calculation of complex formulas without all sorts of devices is a very useful skill that will help a pupil, student or entrepreneur.


The player sees a mathematical equation with any functions and the ever-increasing number of terms. The task is to give the correct answer for the minimum possible time. The better your results are, the higher the difficultyof the arithmetic operations will be. Wrong answers lead to a reduction of difficulty and loss of the game life. The game continues until the loss of all three game lives or until the completion of the time given for responses.

How We Developed It

In modern society, it is common to mention IQ test , the first edition of which appeared in 1919, under the direction of Alfred Binet. The "Simplification" game is also based on logical thinking, individual abilities. IQClass, unlike tests, allows regular fitness for the brain, in order to improve your own capabilities. Tests only declare your current state of intelligence. In the Soviet Union the works of formal logic were ideological in nature, and for the first time began to be introduced throughout the training hours in secondary schools and universities in order to implement the formalistic trend. Over time, there was a substitution of notions of mathematical logic problems. "Simplification" is interesting and useful for intelligence and will not leave you indifferent, will help you think quickly and clearly.

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