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Fast Addition Ex

  • Develops creativity
  • Improves semantic memory
  • Enhances thinking speed
Cognitive psychology defines the problem as a challenge, doubt or uncertainty appearance. A today's person faces such situations almost every minute. The speed of how we take the right and informed decisions, our efficiency, productivity, and as a result, success, depends. IQClass service represents the best in its capabilities base of simulators and psychological techniques that allow to increase your own intelligence, and improve the efficiency of cognitive functions. The "Fast Addition Remastered" game is included in the Premium Package. From its predecessor, the "Fast Addition" trainer, it differs in the modified algorithm of the game and design. Gameplay became more dynamic, interesting and challenging to achieve new tops.

How It Works

Our brain operates on the principle of finding the optimal solution in a given situation. "Fast Addition Remastered" will require from the player enhanced concentration, thinking flexibility, and choice of the optimal set of numbers for the task. It is not only required to answer quickly, but also to determine the conditions correctly, consider all possible options.

What It Gives

In contrast to the structured tasks, in which sequence of steps is strictly defined, there is a certain class of tasks that require creativity, search options, carrying out your own research. "Fast Addition Remastered" gives an excellent opportunity to practice your abstract thinking, intelligence, identify your opportunities, and, with regular training, to achieve high speed of thought. It is not possible to break down complicated requirements into simpler ones. The player will have to calculate all possible paths simultaneously, several possible answers at once. As a result, the volume of your attention will increase, you will learn how to improve concentration. Each person will choose for themselves a successful and comfortable strategy. It can be a cut and try method, brainstorming, hypothesis testing. You will not be able to tear yourself from the gameplay and improved dynamics give excitement and thirst to improve results.


The player is given a number series on the screen and the question containing a predetermined sum. The main task is to quickly find the numbers, the sum of which corresponds to the task. The numbers may be repeated. Each new question includes a new number. To make the game even more interesting, we have added a slight complication: the selected number is blocked for a few seconds. It is noteworthy that in the "Fast Addition Remastered" game, the player can see the current task and several future tasks. Depending on your results, the adaptive algorithm will adjust the intensity of the training for optimal load. Correct and quick answers complicate mathematical order, mistakes lead to loss of game life and reduce the load. It is thoughtful and balanced complexity of the algorithm that makes IQClass a unique platform for the development of cognitive functions with great potential and real results.

How We Developed It

Researchers of the brain have come to the conclusion that tasks set to our intelligence are much more successfully and more effectively completed if there is a clear sequence of actions during the process of thinking. This means that having developed the ability to articulate the problem, learn to identify the conditions and resources, generating a successful strategy for action, you can create a constructive thinking algorithm. Multiple experimental results confirm the preservation of acquired skills after the regularly scheduled training. Intelligence loads stimulate the development of cognitive functions.

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