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  • Develops logic
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  • Enhances thinking speed


Modern human society is developing through informatization. Every day we face huge amount of information, which requires high-quality processing and storage. Our brain has to quickly solve various problems - make logical decisions, recognize patterns, form our own opinion. Very interesting and at the same time necessary type of cognitive activity is spatial thinking. The "360 Degrees" game is an excellent way to test not only your capabilities, but also exercise imagination and creativity, learn to see the truth, even if it is modified and is under different angle.

How It Works

Spatial thinking is a cognitive function, which allows us to see the surrounding world in three dimensions, to feel the depth and volume of objects, understanding their interaction. "360 Degrees" trainer is a simple but effective way to train your brain. Simple at first glance, the task may confound. A simple image transformation by its reflection or rotation puts our brains in a state of active search for an answer – are those two images identical? IQClass Team has involved computer technology to make the game more convenient and efficient for the development of your abilities. Our trainer is made more difficult through use of objects of different colors, and each time you compare a number of objects seeking the truth, your brain will look for a solution not only in practical, but also in theoretical space (visible area and your imagination).

What It Gives

Based on the initial data, your imagination will build new projections, and then, holding them in memory, it will again and again compare them with the original image. This improves working memory capacity, imagination, thinking speed and increases the concentration of active attention. Such state is called "creativity" or "art" by many people. Regular exercises will help to quickly identify similarities and differences between two alike objects, will improve the perception of the properties during research. For creative people, "360 Degrees" can become a core trainer aimed at the development of talents or potential in various fields of art.


The player's task is to find out after the turning of the image whether it has changed? The original one is presented on the right side, a modified or inverted version is on the left side. If all of the objects in the picture are in place and their colors match, then your choice is "yes", if you find a mismatch in the location or a mistake in color - click "No". It is worth noting that the brain fitness goes control of the adaptive training program. This means that depending on your successes, IQClass service will choose the optimal load. Correct answers raise the level of difficulty and add points, mistakes lower the difficulty of the game and reduce game life count. Do not forget to evaluate the results of your training in your personal account.

How We Developed It

We could not ignore such an important skill and the quality of our thinking process as spatial thinking. Subject of thinking processes has been interesting for mankind, and in many ways it remains mysterious and enigmatic. However, our cooperative efforts have led to the creation of the game, which will help you engage in the development of your cognitive potential through fun . "360 Degrees" is the way to your success, that goes through the imagination and creativity.

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