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  • Develops thinking speed
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances creativity


Performing same operations every day limits person’s intellectual loads. Scientists previously believed that the decline in cognitive function begins at an average age of 55-60 years, recent studies have lowered the bar to 40-45 years. Regular exercise of the brain and brain fitness provide a clear mind and a cherished memory in old age, they will also help in improving the attention, concentration, thinking speed after few brain workouts. The "Anagram" game was created with the aim of improving switching of attention, revealing the combined skills and improving abstract-logical thinking. This search for interconnections and interaction with the long-term memory leads to better communication between different parts of the brain. Moreover, the allocation of essential features, creativity, increase in memory capacity are positive qualities that improve efficiency in education, at work, at home.

How It Works

Rich vocabulary is not the only thing required for successful “Anagram” playing. It is important to be able to simultaneously combine several skills: access memory, think logically, test theories, refer to verbal intelligence. Interestingly, anagrams are better deciphered by people with advanced analytical skills: programmers, managers. Each time when performing a simple action, your brain triggers a research mechanism, the ability to abstract away and generalize the data. The "Anagram" game is modeled on the famous and once-popular board game of the same name. At the same time, due to the fact that IQClass created a dynamic platform, the player may face a large number of tasks. Naturally, the result is largely affected by the user's awareness, knowledge of words, the ability to use them. Thus, practicing on the trainer, you can expand your vocabulary, develop verbal intelligence.

What It Gives

Several exercises or complex trainings will help you evaluate the development of the cognitive sphere. Check your personal account and verify the efficiency of the proposed instruments. The "Anagram" game has a positive effect on the development of attention, concentration, thinking speed and even memory. You will learn to quickly and accurately reproduce the previously obtained information, find solutions, quickly check a variety of options. When forming words, the brain shows its creativity, it interacts with entities that do not exist in the real world, checks theories and seeks to find the most optimal variant that conforms to conditions. These skills are often necessary in everyday life of the person. The ability to boost thinking process up to its limits in many cases determines a person's success in professional activities.


The player is offered the original word. Below, there are several anagrams, of which only one is correct. The challenge is finding suitable anagrams in a short time. The trainer is very exciting and suitable for all ages. Correct answers will increase the complexity through the use of long words. In case of a mistake, the difficulty will be decreased, and the user will lose a game life. This is the essence of the adaptive training algorithm. IQClass service created optimal conditions for training, which guarantees a quick and good result.

How We Developed It

The "Anagram" game is several thousand years old. It was popular in India, ancient Greece, when players had to make a phrase or a word using special cards. Not long ago, anagrams were popular as an intellectual board games for entertainment in companies. IQClass developers have slightly changed the game algorithm, providing several options. This forces the user to check the proposed set of letters, and at the same time increases the difficulty and increases involvement in training.

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