Frequently Asked Questions

What is IQClass?

IQClass is an educational platform that combines game-based learning with cognitive skill development across various domains like memory, attention, and problem-solving. With over 4,000 interactive games and activities, IQClass is designed to enhance the cognitive development of children in preschool through grade 5.

What ages is IQClass for?

IQClass is designed for children aged 3 to 11. It is also beneficial for older children and those with special needs who are working to develop or reinforce foundational cognitive skills.

What grades are covered by IQClass?

IQClass offers content for children from Prekindergarten to Grade 5, focusing on developing and enhancing cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills through interactive and engaging activities.

What subjects does IQClass cover?

While IQClass includes a strong foundation in mathematics and early literacy, our unique approach integrates subjects with cognitive training exercises. These include games that improve memory, enhance concentration, and foster problem-solving and motor skills, suitable for children from PreK to Grade 5.

What skills will my child learn with IQClass?

Your child will develop a wide range of cognitive skills with IQClass, including attention to detail, memory enhancement, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. These skills are integrated into our math and reading games, which are designed to be both fun and educational.

Is IQClass completely free?

IQClass offers a variety of free and premium features. While basic access to games and activities is free, a subscription plan is available that provides comprehensive access to all educational materials and advanced cognitive training tools.

Teachers receive full access to our platform free of charge, allowing them to implement it effectively in their classrooms and assign activities as homework, ensuring that all students can benefit regardless of their home situation.

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