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  • Develops attention span
  • Improves attention stability
  • Enhances semantic memory


Attention is an integral part of human life. Without it, not only our job skills worsen, but also the overall life activity. The more attentive a person is, the fewer mistakes they make and more appreciated they are in the work community, so even with a good concentration, you should spend some time on improving attention. IQClass resource includes several effective for development of attention games and one of them is Red and black Schulte tables. This game is the useful training for anyone, especially those, whose work is related to mental stress. Also, there is positive effect of red and black tables having for children. With the game, people can improve working skills through faster processing and retrieval of information, increased endurance and resistance to distractions, increase in the concentration.

How It Works

Red and black Schulte tables are the complicated modification of the standard training. With their help, high-speed reading and concentration are developed. The principle of our game is in the development of peripheral vision. Looking into the center of the table, the player must simultaneously cover it all with their vision and quickly find the desired number, not running around through the cells with the vision, but using peripheral vision. After several weeks of systematic training in game, you will feel a significant result. Thanks to training , person looks at the same time on a large chunk of text when reading, and evaluates it not consistently, but in parallel, because of this they get to read faster. During the game on our resource, a person is completely abstracted from the outside world, since finding scattered numbers on the table requires maximum concentration. Because of this, they develop resistance to external distraction while working, and children improves arbitrary (willful) attention.

What It Gives

The game developed by IQClass is an effective tool for improving the speed of reading, concentration and general increase of intelligence. With simple and interesting training, you can learn to quickly find the right information in large text, and solve sequential logic tasks, while getting abstracted from reality. Through periodic training, people make fewer mistakes at work, even at the end of the day, because they have well-developed stamina. In addition, Schulte tables teach to qualitatively evaluate a volume of information all at once, rather than sequentially one piece after another, which greatly speeds up the workflow and allows to quickly notice any flaws or problems. Children playing on our website, actively form voluntary attention, rapidly improve ability to read, which can significantly improve school performance and simplify studying.


The player is offered a table with two blocks of numbers, some of which are black and others are red. Looking at the central cell of the table, a player must find the numbers by turn: black ones - in ascending order from 1 to 25, red ones - in the order from 24 to 1. First you seek for 1 black, then 24 red, then 2 black and so on. For successful passing of the game, speed is important, as well as correctness of performance: you should watch strictly in the central cell, and the numbers are to be found with peripheral vision.

How We Developed It

Initially, Schulte tables existed only in its standard form and were used to assess voluntary attention. They were created by a German psychologist in the second half of the 20th century. A little later, there appeared red and black tables, as the basis for a given game. It is designed in a way that is suitable even for younger schoolchildren.

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