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Memory course

We have collected the best techniques, useful methods and exercises for rapid memory development. Working out a few minutes a day, your child can develop the ability to effectively memorize even complex information.
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Why is the course useful?

Memory is needed to solve almost any problem
Memorize more details

Will be as attentive as Sherlock Holmes

Remember parents’ phone numbers

So the child can always contact you

Easier to learn languages

You can memorize new words and the most complex rules faster

To study more efficiently

Capture new information instantly

Better navigate in unfamiliar places

Did you ever get lost at the mall?

High orderliness

The handicraft you made for school will not be forgotten on the table

Take advantage of the brain’s capabilities to the max

What do children need a good memory for?

What do children need a good memory for?

The most frequent complaint of people in everyday life is a bad memory, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the name of the first teacher or where the keys to the apartment are.

Memory training is necessary for the child’s full and harmonious development. The inability to absorb new information has a negative impact on educational success, communication in society, thinking and individual abilities. Interactive training programs will help children quickly remember large amounts of information.

How does it work?

Our children’s course of memory development is designed by the best specialists and scientists in the field of cognitive psychology, which provides high efficiency with minimal investment of time.
Individual program

Authors’ algorithm will select interesting and useful tasks for effective memory development. Modern insight and cutting-edge research make them efficient and time-saving.

Interesting games

7 unique simulator games for better memory and an adaptive learning program. Solid scientific basis. Beautiful, interesting and very useful.


We tried to make your training interesting, and the advanced system of statistics will allow to control the regularity of training and progress. You can also compare your results with other users.

The course consists of 7 games

Game Recalling


The playing field is filled with objects. A child remembers their location and then field is hidden from view. Then the system offers options, and a player needs to choose the correct answer. If the child has lost the round, they will have to repeat it again with simplified tasks. Win after win, the game will become more difficult and more interesting.

Game Dictation with shapes

Dictation with shapes

The system shows figures to memorize one by one. When the last object disappears, the child needs to choose the one that was shown earlier.

Game Speed comparison with rotation

Speed comparison with rotation

A child remembers the card with the picture. The object disappears, and another one appears in its place. The child has to compare the new card with the previous one.

Game Shapes and words

Shapes and words

The child sees pairs of shapes and words and remembers them. Then the system checks how well it was memorized.

And other games

And other games

Before the beginning of classes your child will have to pass a special test, which will show how well the memory skill is developed. Next, we will create an individual training program within the course. After a month of training the system will display the statistics with the results.

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Memory Development Program for Children

You want to develop a child’s memory, but you’re catastrophically short of time? Then our course is for you.

7 lessons

Interesting theory

7 games

Unique author’s developments

Introductory and final tests

To assess current level and results

Adaptive Program

Daily workout will adapt to your progress

Adaptive Program

Get started on IQClass memory development courses.

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